Real estate is a category of property that includes land and the buildings on it, along

with the natural resources like plants, minerals, or water. Individuals can use it for

residential or commercial purposes, rent it out, or sell it for a profit. There are many

types of real estate, including new construction, resale homes, and apartments.


The largest component of a real estate company is the brokerage, which is made up

of real estate agents or brokers who help buyers and sellers connect. They typically

work out of an office and share listing information through the local Multiple Listing

Service (MLS). Many real estate agents also participate in regular real estate

networking meetings, which can help them find potential clients. Also read


Another key component of a real estate company is the development firm, which

creates buildings and units to sell or lease. This process involves purchasing raw

land, rezoning it, building or renovating buildings on the land, and selling or leasing

the finished product to end users. Real estate developers gain profits by creating a

new product and taking on the risk of financing the project. In addition, they can also

earn a commission for marketing and sales efforts.

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